Re-assigning Trucks

Re-assigning Trucks

Re-Assigning Carriers

Cancellations (and re-assignments to a new carrier) happen in about 15-20% of transports and occasionally multiple times for a single transport.  Don’t be alarmed if it happens to yours.  Most commonly, it is due to a breakdown, driver emergency or the pre-trip inspection calls for maintenance required now to prevent a future breakdown.

The best thing we can hope for with a cancellation due to breakdown is that it happens before your vehicle is picked up–breakdowns after pickup usually create much longer delays.

There are 15-20 vehicles waiting for rides for every opening on a transporter, so finding another opening can take time, especially on difficult routes.  In most cases, a replacement carrier is assigned quickly and has little to no impact for you.

Team Alex uses the word “estimated” when describing pickup or delivery because so many factors can change shipments.  When they do, we try to keep close to the original dates and keep you informed of changes as we learn of them.  Rest assured, we always work diligently to make your transport as smooth as possible for you.