Dealers Recommend Team Alex

You are most likely on this page because you need to transport a vehicle and were referred to Team Alex by one of the many premier dealerships from across the country that partner with our team for their transports.  

Our team facilitates vehicle transports exclusively for dealerships and their customers. Dealerships, like the one that referred you, trust Team Alex to take care of their customers with the same level of care they do.

It is our team goal to be “awesome every time” and we work hard to make shipping as painless as possible for all our customers.

With Team Alex:

  • No Voice Mail – You always speak to a live human
  • Quoted Price – Locked In for 7 day
  •  Dedicated Texting
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Super Fast Response Time


There are thousands of companies in the transport business.  Unfortunately, vehicle transport is an industry with a lack of regulation, which leaves room for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of unsuspecting clients.  We highly recommend you shop on reputation instead of the lowest price to prevent experiencing problems.

The reality is, the carriers dictate prices.  In other words, we all pay the same amount to get your car from point A to point B… An inaccurate “low” quote can be the result of one of two reasons.

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