Delivery Instructions

For private individuals

Team Alex specializes in transporting vehicles for dealerships and their customers. We do our best to make shipping effortless for our customers. There’s a reason so many dealerships refer their customers to our team.
Team Alex
Once we find and assign a vehicle to a transport truck, Team Alex emails our customers the carrier’s contact information and estimated dates of pickup and delivery. We even include a fun little video to help understand what to expect during the transport process.
Occasionally, orders get canceled by carriers and we send notices for that, as well. It could be due to a mechanical failure, driver illness or rescheduling an entire shipment. For whatever reason, cancellations are a fairly normal part of the transport industry and most shipments get re-dispatched quickly.
Canceled Orders
challenge ahead

The great majority of transports arrive on schedule without any problems, however, there can be many potential challenges between pickup and delivery sites, some completely out of our control.

Drivers are limited by Federal mandates to a maximum number of hours and/or miles per day for safety reasons. No reputable shipping company will guarantee exact delivery dates and times—there are far too many challenges and stops along the hundreds or thousands of miles a vehicle will travel.

Damage is rare, but if there is any, it must be marked on the Bill of Lading (BOL), pictures taken and sent to Team-Alex immediately. Damage claims cannot be made if the damage is not noted on the BOL and signed by both the receiving party and driver.
rare damage

Vehicles usually can arrive somewhat dirty–they traveled the miles as if they were driven. Even vehicles in enclosed carriers can arrive dusty.

It is our hope your vehicle arrives like 99% of our shipments do–on time and in the same condition as when it left the origin (plus maybe a little travel grime).

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