Get out of the transport loop

Today, many dealerships want to distance themselves from the transportation of their vehicle sales. Up to now, our dealerships referred their customers to Team Alex by giving them our information and having them reach out to us (or vice-versa). Team Alex just made the referral process faster and easier by adding a “Referral Button” to your QQLink. This removes the need for the customer to call us and makes getting a transport quote effortless for them. You send us the quote info and they receive the quote automatically in just a few minutes.

How it works

  • You refer your customer via your QQLink by providing us the basic info needed
  • We immediately send your customer a message that we are working on their quote
  •  We send their transport quote directly to them (copying you) within about 15 minutes (if outside normal business hours, they are notified that their quote will be sent the following business day)
  •  About an hour after receiving the quote, we follow up with a “Welcome” message from Alex that lets them know their next step and that we’ll work with you for when it’s ready

Type of Transports:

  • Dealer to Dealer
  • Auction to Dealer
  • City to City or State to State
  • Open or Enclosed Trucks
  • Single or Multi-Unit Loads

With Team Alex:

  • No Voice Mail – You always speak to a live human
  • Quoted Price – Locked In for 7 day
  •  Dedicated Texting
  • Amazing Customer Service
  • Super Fast Response Time


Auction Transports

Team Alex typically delivers auction vehicles 30% to 50% faster than the in-house transport companies. You can’t sell what you don’t have yet.
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Delivery Instructions for Your Customers

Setting proper expectations is the key to happy customers. Team Alex developed a video to walk your customer through the vehicle delivery process.
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Quick Quote Link (QQLink) Tool

A highly popular tool Team Alex created for their customers to request a transport quote or place a shipping order, from any device, in about 1 minute.
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Dealer Vendor Agreement

A standing wholesale Dealer – Vendor agreement that allows Team Alex to ship for you at will, without requiring signatures for each shipment.
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Get out of the transport loop

Many dealerships want to distance themselves from transporting their vehicle sales. Team Alex made the referral process faster and easier.
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When to choose enclosed transport

At Team Alex, we know that using the proper transport truck for the job is critical to reducing your risks during shipping.
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