Transport Process

For Private Individuals

1: We Send a Preliminary Quote

Provide us with basic information for your transport and we send you a preliminary quote via text or email.

1. Pickup Zip Code  (or City & State)

2. Delivery Zip Code  (or City & State)

3. Type of vehicle  (Year / Make / Model)

4. Dates requested and any restrictions impacting pick-up or delivery

5. Approximately when the vehicle is available, if known

Upon approval, we send you a link to complete a simple online form that gathers required shipping info.

2: You Complete a Shipping Intake Form

If you choose Team Alex to coordinate your shipping, we will need the following information to ship your vehicle for you, as requested:

Origin Information

1. If coming from a Dealership, provide dealership name & contact at the dealer  

If coming from a private location, provide that person’s name and contact information 

(Contact’s cell phone number & email address would be best)

2. The full VIN number 

3. Type of vehicle (Year / Make / Model, if not already provided)

4. Desired dates for shipping  (include any restrictions or unavailability times)

5. When the vehicle will be 100% ready to be picked up

Being 100% ready includes:

Payment of vehicle is complete and payment has cleared

All documents have processed and are approved 

Independent inspection is completed (if applicable–some consumers buying a vehicle online do this)

Destination Information

1. Destination contact person’s name(s)

2. Destination contact phone number (cell # preferred)

3. Destination contact email address

4. Delivery address (Street Address, City, State, ZIP)

5. Any restrictions on dates or times to accept delivery

3: Sign Signature Documents

Once your detailed quote is approved and we receive your completed intake form, we will create your shipping order and send you online documents to sign and enter your credit card information. 

***Keep in mind, we do not charge anything until we assign your vehicle to a transport truck.

We CANNOT assign your vehicle without these being completed, so please do not delay completing them.

4: We Find & Assign a Suitable Transport

We will find a suitable carrier for your vehicle, verify their insurance and match the desired dates for shipping as closely as possible.  Once assigned to a transport truck, we charge your credit card for the agreed-upon amount (never a penny more).

We will notify you via email when we have dispatched your vehicle to a suitable carrier. 

5: Read Your Dispatch Notice Email

Your DISPATCH NOTICE email contains very important shipping information, including your carrier’s contact information and the estimated dates for shipping your vehicle.  It also contains a link to a fun video we created to help you understand your responsibilities in the shipping process.

It is imperative you read that email in its entirety and watch the short video.  There are articles and other videos you may enjoy about our team and vehicle shipping.  Feel free to wander through our website. 

6: Contact Your Carrier / Driver DIRECTLY

We email you the carrier contact information so you can work with them DIRECTLY for any delivery updates and to make final delivery arrangements.  

Remember, any of the following items may affect the carrier’s ability to delivery to your door: 

  • Your neighborhood is gated or restricted (i.e. military base)

  • You live on a cul-de-sac or your streets are narrow or have low-hanging trees

  • Carrier would have to park on a thoroughfare (illegal in most areas)

In those cases, the carrier will need to meet you at a nearby shopping center or other large parking lot to take delivery.  Work this out directly with your carrier.  Remember, you MUST both be patient and make yourself as available as possible for delivery, as the carrier has scheduled deliveries before and after you.