Transport Solutions

For Automotive Dealerships

For Quotes and Orders

Team Alex created an awesome new tool that enables you to request a transport quote or place a shipping order, from any device, in about one minute. 

Your contact information is pre-populated, so you only need to provide the info for the vehicle and the other party to request a quote or place an order.

Best of all, by using this tool, you can spend more time taking care of your customers and less time calling and texting us for transport quotes or orders. 



Additional Features


Auction Transports

Team Alex typically delivers auction vehicles 30% to 50% faster than the in-house transport companies. You can’t sell what you don’t have yet.
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Delivery Instructions for Your Customers

Setting proper expectations is the key to happy customers. Team Alex developed a video to walk your customer through the vehicle delivery process.
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Quick Quote Link (QQLink) Tool

A highly popular tool Team Alex created for their customers to request a transport quote or place a shipping order, from any device, in about 1 minute.
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Dealer Vendor Agreement

A standing wholesale Dealer – Vendor agreement that allows Team Alex to ship for you at will, without requiring signatures for each shipment.
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Get out of the transport loop

Many dealerships want to distance themselves from transporting their vehicle sales. Team Alex made the referral process faster and easier.
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When to choose enclosed transport

At Team Alex, we know that using the proper transport truck for the job is critical to reducing your risks during shipping.
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