When do I need Enclosed vs. Open Shipping

Team Alex recommends Enclosed carriers according to transportation industry standards. It is recommended to ship enclosed any vehicle with an Insurable value over $100,000 or ground clearance under 4.5”. Another consideration is soft-top convertibles (especially on long trips).

Vehicles over $100,000 would ship severely under-insured on open carriers. The average reputable 9-car open hauler carries $250 to $350,000 in insurance. Enclosed typically carry $500,000 – $1 million in cargo insurance.

For low-clearing vehicles, the risk of damage to the undercarriage is too great during loading and unloading on an open carrier for vehicles with ground clearance under 4.5″. it is required if under 4”–there are very few open carriers equipped to handle a car that low.

A transport company that would ship a vehicle with less than 4″ clearance or over $100,000 without recommending an enclosed carrier clearly doesn’t have your best interests at heart. At Team Alex, we know that using the right tool for the job is critical to reducing your risks during shipping. You can always count on Team Alex as your shipping professionals.