Car Covers During Shipping

Car covers during shipping


Can I have a cover on my vehicle during transport?

The short answer is “no.”  For safety reasons, car covers on vehicles being transported on open trucks are strictly prohibited by DOT.  The only exception to this is factory-applied shrink wrap, because it adheres to standards far above any ordinary car cover. 

The danger a car cover would pose to the driver(s) behind the truck where a car cover suddenly came off is far too great a risk to take for the safety of those on our highways.  For this reason, DOT does now allow cars to be covered during transport on an open vehicle carrier.  Shipping the vehicle in an enclosed transport truck would be the only “covered” option.

You can always count on Team Alex to provide you with information you need to safely transport vehicles.
In addition, the carrier can call ahead to alert them of an estimated pickup window and to verify the vehicle will be ready for them.  Having a specific person to ask for when they arrive means less time wasted getting the run-around while the person they need is located.
At Team Alex, we run a tight ship, as the saying goes, to help expedite your transports as quickly as possible…because we know you can’t sell what you don’t have.