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What Happens to Transports Around Holidays

  What Happens to Transports Around Holidays When major holidays approach, it changes the transport [...]

What is Covered by the Carriers Insurance

  All vehicles are covered by insurance during shipping. Carriers are required to provide proof [...]

Car Covers During Shipping

  Can I have a cover on my vehicle during transport? The short answer is [...]

Shipping Electric Vehicles

  Shipping Electric Vehicles The average electric vehicle (EV) weighs about 1,000 pounds more than [...]

Multiple brokers on same transport order

  The Downfalls of Multiple Transport Brokers A mistake often made unknowingly by relatively new [...]

Do I need to limit the amount of gas in the car?

  Do I Need to Limit my Gas in the Tank During Shipping? Fuel limitations [...]

What happens if delivery contact is MIA

  What Happens if the Delivery Contact is Unavailable? Whether you’re a dealership shipping a [...]

Can someone else sign for my vehicle if I am not available?

  Can Someone Else Sign for my Vehicle if I’m not available? You may designate [...]

What Snowbird Season is and how it Affects Transport Prices

  What is “Snowbird Season” and How Does it Affect Shipping? Each Fall and Spring, [...]

What is included in your quoted price?

  What’s Included in Your Transport Fee? Our transport prices are 100% all-inclusive–there’s never a [...]