What Snowbird Season is and how it Affects Transport Prices

What Snowbird Season is and how it Affects Transport Prices


What is “Snowbird Season” and How Does it Affect Shipping?


Each Fall and Spring, a seasonal market trend affects the vehicle shipping industry nationwide.  Millions of people from Canada and northern states flock to warmer climates during what’s called “snowbird season,” referring to the months from October to May.  Florida alone has more than 1 million extra winter residents.

Many “snowbirds” transport their vehicles back and forth each year, creating a huge impact on the industry as tens of thousands have their vehicles shipped in a short time span. Snowbird volume has sky-rocketed in recent years, putting a noticeable strain on an already-overloaded industry.    

For transportation drivers, the incentive of “fast money” on snowbird routes causes many to abandon their normal routes in other parts of the country, leaving fewer carriers to handle “regular” transport business around the US.  In a market-driven industry, it is basic Economics–fewer drivers and increased demand push prices up and cause delays.  

The delays created by this shortage are short-lived and relatively small, but noticeable. So, what does all this mean to someone looking to transport a vehicle?  A bit llonger wait times for vehicle pick-ups, and temporarily inflated prices, until snowbirds and their vehicles reach their destinations and drivers return to their normal shipping routes.   

The good news is that simply understanding these market trends can help you factor in the added cost and time it takes to get vehicles transported during snowbird season.  During the busy few weeks at the start and end of snowbird season, having a little extra patience goes a very long way.  Please know that Team Alex always strives to put your vehicle in the first available opening that can be found.