Mechanical Issue with Transport Trucks

Mechanical Issue with Transport Trucks

Mechanical Issues with Transport Trucks

Transport trucks typically run 7 days a week and travel up to 400,000 miles a year, making mechanical failures inevitable, even for well-maintained trucks.  Occasionally, drivers must cancel because they found an issue on their pre-transport inspection requiring immediate maintenance.  Other times, breakdowns occur during transport.

The best we can hope for is that a breakdown occurs before picking up your vehicle, as breakdowns after your car is on the transport truck can cause longer delays.  If your transport is canceled before loading, Team Alex can usually find another carrier quickly and delays are fairly minor, but some routes take more time to find replacements.

Depending on the issue, a breakdown in transit may not be possible to assign to another carrier, because they may not be able to remove vehicles, as in the case of electrical or hydraulic issues. In those cases, we are at the mercy of the repair facility.  

The good news is that carriers want to be up and running again quickly because their livelihood depends on it.  Unless the repair is major, trucks are normally back on the road in just a day or so.

No matter what happens, Team Alex will do their best to keep you informed of changes as they arise.