Automated vs Manual Quotes

Automated vs Manual Quotes

Automated Quotes vs. Manual Quotes

The latest “thing” in the vehicle transport industry is the ability to quote transports using a complex algorithm or artificial intelligence.  While this may seem at first glance to be the hottest game in town, looking closer exposes areas where having a human being behind the quote provides a distinct advantage.

Artificial Intelligence Quotes vs. Human-Created Quotes
Instant Quotes

Quoting Open and Enclosed

Multiple vehicle quotes

Expedited quotes

Quotes in about 5 minutes

Quoting specialty vehicles

Quoting Commercial Vans or Box Trucks

Compensating for local events (storms, fires, etc.)

Compensating for Snowbird season

Two-Way (round trip) quotes

✔ (maybe)

Taking ground clearance into account*

Taking vehicle value into account*

*Understand that a sedan is not always just a sedan–there’s a big difference between shipping a 2009 Ford Taurus versus a $100,000+ brand-new high-end Porsche with just under 4” of ground clearance.

Any transport company willing to quote and ship a vehicle whose value exceeds $100,000 or has under 4” of ground clearance without recommending an enclosed carrier obviously does not have your best interests at heart.  Knowing the difference when quoting usually takes a human being to do.